[Tell you little secrets that only sex shops know]

[Tell you little secrets that only sex shops know]

With the popularity of the Internet, sex-shops seem to have been eliminated by the times-who will run to buy vibrators and pornographic videos in person, or take care of them in public recording halls?

Actually there are, and many more.

We interviewed sex shop owners Audra Carr and Devan Thayer Lund to see what their lives were like. At the same time, we found that the shop assistants knew more about us than friends and relatives-and what they knew, relatives and friends still didn’t know why.wonderful.

I guess most of our readers don’t play SM every day and attend a wife-changing party-this kind of thing will not be sent out to notify you.

But if you are interested, you might as well visit the sex shop.

It will definitely open your eyes.

 ”I’m an informant for the wife changer.

The first time they invited me, I refused because it was beyond my acceptance.

However, this request was constantly asked by the guests, so they changed their attention.

“At the same time, Audra also knows the time and place for the parties organized by SM enthusiasts, because they will always invite her.

So, when you were sitting in the dessert shop, you were still wondering if the person next to the table is an SM enthusiast. When you stay in the love shop for a month, you won’t even want to know.

Some customers come to sex shops to buy gifts for a bachelor party for friends, while others come for what they want.

Some patrons seem to come specifically for this oneness.

These people don’t buy anything, just come and go.

They use pornographic shops as a public facility, like a coffee shop, but they are not art works but love action movies.

“They don’t disturb others.

They are just too lonely to talk to others.

This is understandable, but you definitely want to know exactly why these sperm worms are picked as the object of sending loneliness.