[Chestnut glutinous rice cake]_How to make_How to make

[Chestnut glutinous rice cake]_How to make_How to make

As a kind of nut, chestnut can be eaten alone or mixed with other ingredients to make other desserts. For example, chestnut glutinous rice cake is a kind of cake made from chestnut and glutinous rice.

The most abundant substance in chestnut is starch, so the chestnut glutinous rice cake tastes smooth and has a very bad taste.

Chestnut lovers should not miss how to make chestnut glutinous rice cakes.

Ingredients: 500 grams of glutinous rice flour. Supplements: 60 grams of chestnuts (fresh), 60 grams of walnuts, 15 grams of sugar osmanthus. Seasoning: 50 grams of white sugar. Chestnut glutinous rice cake.

Cook and peel the walnut meat and chestnut kernels and crush them into mud for cake flour;

2. Mix glutinous rice flour with boiling water;

Mix the cake flour, glutinous rice flour and white sugar; 4.

Sprinkle the sweet-scented osmanthus rice into the bowl and steam for 1?
Remove to 2 hours until cooked through.

Food with grams of walnuts: Walnuts cannot be eaten with pheasant meat. Pneumonia, bronchiectasis and other patients are not easy to eat.

Walnut should not be eaten with wine.

According to Song.

Ma Zhi’s “Kai Bao Materia Medica” records: “The amazing blood of drinking and eating walnuts.”

It may be because of the walnut heat, eating more raw sputum and moving the fire, and the white wine is also Ganxin fever, both of which are eaten together, easily cause blood heat.

Especially people with hemoptysis and chronic diseases should be contraindicated.

Such as bronchiectasis, tuberculosis patients, drinking liquor can cause hemoptysis, do not eat with walnuts, but also cause disease.